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About Us
Directorate of Higher Education is the nodal agency sponsored and activated by Ministry of Higher Education, Maharashtra Government. Directorate is headed by the Director of Higher Education and The main objectives of the directorate is to provide bridge role among Ministry of Higher Education of Maharashtra Government, Universities in Maharashtra, Private Colleges and Government Colleges. The director is the chief person to control the whole activities and he is supported by seven regional Joint Directors. For nearly each university one joint director is appointed.
The office has also direct control over government colleges. The whole activities of government colleges get sanctioned by this directorate.
Overall, following are the main activities of Directorate, Higher Education, Pune.
Controlling Government Colleges, Staff sanctioned, staff allocation and fund allocation. Recommendation to Ministry for opening and closing of colleges in a particular region. Salary distribution (UGC Sponsored), control and management. Recommendation for College grants, Evaluation and Management. Education Policies implementation which are enacted by Ministry of Higher Education, Maharashtra Government. Controlling IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Training Centers. Controlling government sponsored Hostels. Teacher promotion and motivation.